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        Apple Grove Golf Course was established in 1979 by Thomas and Ardis Aasen. Tom had a vision to turn his large field used for harvesting sod into a golf course. With the help of Ardis and their 6 Children, they were able to open a successful golf course that has been a huge part of Minot's community. During the 1990's, Tom continued advancement to the course by adding in Condo's on the far south side of the course. He had hoped this would continue into having many houses surrounding the course, and becoming a small community of its own. Though Tom did not live long enough to see this become a reality, his family fulfilled his dream for him. 


        Unfortunately, in 2011, the golf course was damaged by the flood, and Apple Grove was forced to shut down. The flood killed many of the trees that surrounded the fairways, severely damaged the clubhouse, and destroyed many other necessary components of the course. Though there were some art and accessories that were able to be salvaged and saved, many essential and priceless items of the course had to be left behind and were lost. There was much doubt that the golf course would ever be able to recover from the damage done. 

        Despite the uncertainty, the family was determined to continue the legacy of Apple Grove. In 2017, Tom and Ardis's children Paulette, Bob, Don, Patty, Penny, and Pam, purchased the golf course from their mother and began rebuilding the course. The entire course was tilled down to the soil, and all the dead trees were removed. During this time it was decided that the layout of the course would now be changed as well. Many of the fairways and greens were expanded, and the original hole 2 was replaced by the new hole 5 on the far south side of the course. The clubhouse was remodeled utilizing the upper level of the original structure, and new technologies were also added to the course. In late July of 2018, 7 years after the 2011 flood, Apple Grove Golf Course officially reopened to the public. The entire Aasen family is forever grateful to the support from their friends, family, and the entire Minot, ND community. We hope that Apple Grove Golf Course can continue on for many years to come.  


In Loving Memory of 

Thomas & Ardis Aasen,

Thank You For Everything

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